20 February, 2024

Apple iPhone 15 Pro to be available in dark blue colour

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro smartphone will reportedly be available in a dark blue colour that has a grey tone.

The information came from Unknownz21, a source that has provided multiple details on the next-generation iPhones and accurate information on other Apple devices like the Vision Pro, reports MacRumors.

The blue colour is expected to come with a new titanium material and will have a brushed finish instead of the stainless steel that Apple has had in the past.

The colour is similar to the blue that the iPhone maker used for the iPhone 12 Pro models, but it is expected to be darker and with more grey to better complement the titanium finish.

“Blue is expected to accompany silver, space grey/space black, and titanium grey shades, with the latter colour a lighter silver-grey than the space grey/space black shade,” the report said.

Earlier, it was rumoured that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a titanium frame with a rounder-edged design, new buttons and a giant camera bump.

It was also reported that iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to feature a Thunderbolt port for high-speed data transfer.


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