20 February, 2024

Bluesky replacing ‘What’s Hot’ feed with ‘Discover’

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Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey-backed Bluesky has announced that it is replacing the ‘What’s Hot’ feed with a new ‘Discover’ feed.

The new Discover feed is a more complex feed that will evolve over time, the company said in a blogpost on Thursday.

Unlike the What’s Hot feed, the new feed will be customised for what users like to see, while still giving them a view into what’s trending in the network.

“The initial version of ‘Discover’ mixes in a global view of what’s trending in the network with posts from accounts you follow and posts from accounts near your social graph,” the platform said.

The company will keep improving the algorithm, with the goal of making a feed full of interesting content that refreshes often and considers users’ interests.

“What’s new is our focus on algorithmic choice — letting you unpin feeds you don’t like, and discover and install new feeds that better suit your interests,” it added.

Also, if users don’t like the new Discover feed, they can simply remove it and replace it with any other custom feed.

The company also said that it is still working on improving the “search & discovery” of custom feeds, as well as the developer experience.

Earlier this month, Bluesky had raised $8 million to support its mission and growth.

Also, the platform had said that it will offer a paid service that provides custom domains for end users who want to have a unique domain as their handle on the service.

Last month, the company had introduced new moderation and safety tooling including user lists and reply controls.

Along with user lists and reply controls, the company also introduced labelling, moderation controls, and hashtags.


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