21 February, 2024

ChatGPT’s ‘custom instructions’ feature now available for all users

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OpenAI has announced that it is expanding the ‘custom instructions’ feature to all ChatGPT users, including those on the free tier of the service.

This feature provides users more control over how ChatGPT responds, reports TechCrunch.

The ‘custom instructions’ feature was first introduced last month as a beta for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, allowing them to add preferences and requirements that they want the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to consider when responding.

The feature helps users save time, by eliminating the need to rewrite the same instruction prompts every time they interact with the AI chatbot.

Users can edit or delete custom instructions at any time for new conversations.

Moreover, the users’ instructions won’t be shared with shared link viewers.

If users delete their OpenAI accounts, custom instructions that are tied to their accounts will also be deleted within 30 days.

Last week, OpenAI’s first developer advocate and developer relations expert, Logan Kilpatrick, had introduced a “huge set of ChatGPT updates.”

The new features that Kilpatrick highlighted were example prompts, suggested replies and follow-up questions, a default GPT-4 setting that remembers Plus users’ previously selected model every time they start a new chat, support for multiple file uploads for Plus users when using the OpenAI Code Interpreter plugin, and more.

Last month, OpenAI had disabled Browse with Bing beta feature in ChatGPT, which was available for Plus subscribers.

This feature allowed ChatGPT to search the internet to help answer questions that benefit from recent information.


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