24 September, 2023

Google rolling out linkable headlines feature in Docs

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Google has announced that it is rolling out a new linkable headlines feature in Google Docs.

“To improve shareability of documents, especially longer ones, we’re adding the ability to copy links to headings in Google Docs,” the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blogpost.

To access the feature, open a Google Doc on web > add a heading (type some content and set to “Heading 1”) > right-click the heading > click the “Copy heading link” button > paste the contents.

Also, the company announced that the ability to paste copied HTML elements into a document is now available on iOS devices.

The tech giant also mentioned that it has added the ability to empty the entire trash folder of a shared drive in Google Drive.

This will make it easier to manage shared drive files and eliminate the manual effort of removing items in the trash folder.

Google also reminded that files and folders in Trash are deleted forever after 30 days.

Moreover, the company is adding drag & drop to Google Drive multi-instance support on large-screen Android devices.

The tech giant also announced that people chips, which were introduced in 2021 in Google Sheets, are now available on Android and iOS devices.

These smart chips allow users to quickly view more information about colleagues or contacts, including their location, job title, and contact information.

Last month, Google had introduced a feature which automatically displays line numbers within Docs that are set to paged mode.

These numbers are also preserved when printing.

This feature makes it easier for users to reference specific content positions in documents, particularly when collaborating with others on long or complex content


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