24 September, 2023

JD.com releases ‘ChatRhino’ as China introduces interim laws for AI services

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JD.com, one of China’s leading online shopping platforms, has released its large language model (LLM) called ‘ChatRhino’, as the China introduced interim laws to manage generative artificial intelligence (AI) services in the country.

ChatRhino– or yanxi in Chinese– has been customised for various verticals such as logistics, retail, healthcare and finance, and boasts a base of 100 billion parameters, surpassing the previous model ‘Vega’ which held 10 billion parameters, reports ZDNET.

The company aims to support domain-specific application development with over 100 training and inference optimisation tools, allowing clients to build their specialised models quickly.

According to the company, JD Health’s own LLM, Jingyi Qianxun, is built on the new ChatRhino and has been trained on medical scenarios to automatically deploy services.

The launch of ChatRhino comes the same week China introduced interim regulations for generative AI services which will take effect on August 15.

The government aims to ensure the healthy development of technology while safeguarding national security and public interests.

“Measures also have to be taken to improve the quality of training data, including its accuracy, objectivity, and diversity,” the report said.

The interim laws require generative AI service providers to take legal responsibility for the data they produce and the security of that data.

Users of their service will be required to sign service-level agreements with them, outlining each party’s rights and obligations.


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