12 December, 2023

Ketaki Jani

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Q- name and birthplace?
My name is Ketaki Jani and I am Ahmedabad-born and Pune-based civil servant, and a mother of two children.
Q- what happened with your hair?
I lost my hair at the age of forty, and within a month and a half, ranging from a lady next door to the bald lady.

Q-now how’s the life is going?
I live a healthy lifestyle, just like any other family, the women, and all was well.
Q- what is the thing which disturbed you mentally?
one day, when I woke up and I found a large bald spot on my head, with massive hair fall on the pillow.
Q- have you know about this disease?
Yes this disease name is Alopecia, which removes each and every hair from whole body and two-and-a-half years doctors gave me counselling, medication, and steroids every day.
Q-after when you know about this disease what is your reaction?
When I know about this disease, I fell into a deep depression, I feel unwanted and rejection in the community. But I decided to get out of it. After that, I accepted the truth and decided to give her a bald spot.
Q-As when you accepted you have bald hair, then what is your first step to get rid of it?
Prior when I was walking in the light, with dignity, despite all the important questions, and I am agree to that, “yes, Yes, I am bald, but I have a wonderful heart, ” which is about more than just looks.
Q- when you make mind to accept bald hair, then anything helps you?
Yes, I won the title of Miss ‘The Inspiring, ‘ one of which is said to be well-deserved.
Q- As your story inspires many of us to never give up, what is the last thing for us?
Last thing for youth is, never give up on your dreams! Keep pushing forward and working hard, and success will come your way.


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