24 September, 2023

Microsoft to roll out new Xbox Home UI

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Microsoft announced that it will roll out a new Xbox Home experience to all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

“This update is designed from player feedback and makes it easier to discover new games, rediscover games you already love, connect with communities, and create a more personalised experience,” the tech giant said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

The new Home experience makes it easy to go to the Library, the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, Search and Settings by introducing a quick access menu.

It also creates more space for the personalised background by simplifying the layout and putting the games users recently played and other content and apps towards the bottom of the screen.

Also, the new Home helps users find what’s going on in their community through the updated Friends & Community Updates row.

“Improving the Home Experience has been truly a Team Xbox effort– from engineers to designers to researchers and many more,” the company explained.

“We’re currently rolling the new Home experience out to a subset of all Xbox consoles. This means that some customers will need to wait a few weeks to get their hands on it,” it added.

Earlier this month, Xbox had introduced a new voice reporting feature, which gives players the option to capture and report inappropriate in-game voice chats. The voice reporting feature was rolling out to Alpha and Alpha-skip Xbox Insiders.

The feature supports the broadest arena of in-game interactions between players across thousands of games that offer in-game multiplayer voice chat. With this feature, the company aims to make players feel comfortable jumping into any multiplayer chat.


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