20 February, 2024

More than 6 in 10 Indians worried about data being shared with 3rd parties

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More than six in 10 Indians (63 per cent) are worried about personal data, including location, driving and vehicle data, being distributed to third parties without their consent, a report showed on Friday.

About 55 per cent of Indian citizens expressed concerns about the potential misuse of data collected by organisations via their connected products.

Moreover, 56 per cent of respondents in India feel vulnerable about companies having access to their health data through connected products, according to the report by Capgemini Research Institute.

About 64 per cent of respondents in India believe it would be more convenient to have a single interface for all connected products.

“Additionally, 50 per cent of Indian respondents have faced challenges in integrating connected products with other devices,” the report mentioned.

Moreover, 47 per cent of Indian respondents feel frustrated by the number of connected products/services they have to deal with regularly. “Technologies like generative AI can help achieve new levels of connected experience and consumer satisfaction.

However, issues around data privacy and security still need more focus to secure consumer trust, along with a commitment to true interoperability and frictionless connectivity,” said Nicolas Rousseau, Group Offer Leader Intelligent Products and Services at Capgemini.

Without these components, users will become frustrated and market momentum will slow, Rousseau added. Nearly 71 per cent of Indian respondents are aware of the environmental cost of e-waste, and 56 per cent express a desire to easily find and check the carbon footprint of connected products.

“About 55 per cent of Indian respondents express the desire for organisations to offer sustainable methods for disposing of e-waste from connected products,” said the report.

As per Indian respondents, 66 per cent said that connected products are slowly becoming a necessity and are becoming a part of lifestyle.


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