22 February, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 may feature Google-powered ‘Circle to Search’

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Several leaks have revealed some new features of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 smartphone, which is scheduled to be unveiled this week, and one such feature is the Google-powered ‘Circle to Search’.

A number of promotional photos leaked by famous leaker Evan Blass appear to showcase several new features — which include the previously-announced ‘Live Translate’ for phone calls, the use of AI to improve zoom at night, as well as an AI-powered ‘Note Assist’ feature in Samsung’s Notes app, reports 9to5Google.

As mentioned in the report, the new Google-powered feature — ‘Circle to Search’ is described as — “Search any image, video, or text on your screen. Circle, highlight, scribble, or tap to pinpoint what you’re curious about, no screenshots necessary”.

Although specifics are unclear based only on these leaks, it appears that this is a new version of Google Lens. It appears to be using the S Pen, but it’s not apparent if that’s the only method to utilise it, the report said.

Moreover, the leaks also revealed some of the smartphone specifications, which include a 6.8-inch QHD+ display on Galaxy S24 Ultra, a 6.7-inch QHD+ display on S24+, and a 6.2-inch FHD+ display on S24.

The S24 and S24+ will feature 50MP primary cameras, while the S24 Ultra will have a 200MP main camera, the report noted.

Meanwhile, Samsung has announced the pre-reserve of its Galaxy smartphones in India. Customers can pre-reserve the flagship Galaxy S24 devices by paying a token amount of Rs 2,000 on Samsung.com, Samsung Exclusive stores, Amazon.in and leading retail outlets across the country.


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