21 February, 2024

Samsung may launch Galaxy Ring in 2024

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Tech giant Samsung is expected to launch its smart ring named ‘Galaxy Ring’ next year, reports have said.

The Galaxy Ring is being developed in collaboration with domestic and international component manufacturers to ensure its success before potential mass production, which could be decided as early as next month, reports Gizmochina, citing sources.

The smart ring’s key feature is its ability to collect detailed body and health data through built-in sensors, which can then be seen on a connected smartphone.

The ring can be adjusted according to the user’s finger size to improve accuracy, thereby minimising any potential data mistakes caused by loose fittings.

However, there are various difficulties that the tech giant must deal with during development.

Weak blood flow or excessively tight fitting might affect data accuracy.

Even if mass production is approved, the certification procedure for medical device status is expected to take between 10 and 12 months, which could postpone the product’s availability.

“Samsung is considering integrating the ‘Galaxy Ring’ with XR (mixed reality) devices, leveraging its XR technology to track users’ head and hand movements using cameras and sensors, as demonstrated in patent applications,” the report said.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a Reddit user had found that the Samsung Health beta app, version, includes a “Feature List” that mentions “Ring Support.”

It is possible that “Ring Support” was added in the Health beta app because the tech giant might want to add support for smart rings made by other companies.

Or, the company might be planning to do both, release the Galaxy Ring and bring support for third-party rings on the Health platform.


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