24 September, 2023

Tesla offers one-time free FSD software transfer for your second car

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Elon Musk is offering the first-time Tesla customers a chance to transfer the costly full self-driving (FSD) software to another vehicle as a “one-time amnesty.”

Tesla owners who have purchased the FSD package can transfer that to another new car by September 30.

A Twitter user @Kdahlenburg has now revealed details on the Tesla FSD offer.

“Tesla just contacted me to let me know they are sending me a form to fill out to complete the transfer. I haven’t seen the form yet. I ordered a Model X from local inventory,” he tweeted.

Those who will get this offer will need to purchase a new Tesla and take delivery by September 30.

Musk said during the company’s earnings call earlier this week that the new vehicle would need to be delivered by the end of Q3.

The only details provided by Musk was that it would a one time offer and only applicable if you place your order before the end of Q3.

Another requirement is that when people place the order for a new Tesla car, they must add FSD Capability to the order.

According to reports, the price of Tesla FSD has skyrocketed, which sells for $15,000 in the US.


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