20 February, 2024

Zoom introduces Notes tool to edit texts during a video call

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Virtual meeting platform Zoom has introduced a feature called Notes that allows users to create, share, and simultaneously edit a text document during the video calls.

Notes allows users to create and share content within a Zoom Meeting and collaborate with others on the call for real-time inputs — eliminating the distraction of jumping between Zoom and third-party documents and tools.

Users can even continue to work in Notes outside of meetings asynchronously and share them for collaboration anytime, anywhere.

“We wanted to offer a clean user experience that allows users to create agendas and notes while staying within the Zoom platform instead of jumping to other content management tools,” said Darin Brown, head of productivity applications at Zoom.

“With Notes, it’s seamless to create and share personal and collaborative notes in and out of meetings,” he added.

One can create a note, build an agenda, and share it with attendees in advance of the meeting and during a meeting, can open a note and share it with others so they can collaborate during the meeting.

After a meeting, a Zoom users can share a note with anyone who may benefit from the content.

Users will be able to easily access existing notes from the in-meeting navigation bar or start a new note during a meeting.

Note creators will have the ability to initiate a sharing session during the meeting to collaborate in real-time, just like Zoom Whiteboard, said the company.

Zoom Notes offers editing tools with extensive formatting options such as font, styling, bullets, colours, and more.

Additionally, users can add images and links to their Notes, and content is auto-saved at regular intervals to preserve work.

The feature is available for all users at no additional cost and will roll out in the coming weeks.


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